Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Fatal Drop: True Tales of the Chicago Gallows ebook

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Grisly true-crime tales of scandalous murders - and gruesome hangings - from Chicago history, featuring several unbelievable stories that have never been reprinted in any book. Before. Almost 100 men were hanged in Chicago before hangings were outlawed in 1927, and you won't believe their stories. Bizarre "resurrection" experiments, terrible tales of hangings gone wrong, crafty serial killers, the first man convicted based on's all here, with the most detailed descriptions possible of the convicts last meals, last words, and final moments. Newly revised and expanded, including:

- Chicago's first "hanging bee" on the south side dunes.

- Two gruesome occasions when the rope broke.

- Two known cases of doctors trying to bring the corpse of the condemned back to life (once legally, once not).

- The trial and execution of the murderous Johann Hoch, one of Chicago's deadliest (and best-loved) serial killers - and a possible apprentice of the notorious HH Holmes.

- The Assassination of Mayor Carter Harrison - and the trial and last minutes of his killer.

- A detailed account of the hanging of the Haymarket anarchists, who went to their doom shouting slogans and singing songs.

- The last days of well known criminals such as Carl Wanderer

- The strange saga of the city gallows, which were kept in the prison for decades in case Terrible Tommy O'Connor, who escaped before he could be executed, was ever caught.

- An appendix detailing the last meals of several condemned men.

This full-length ebook contains illustrations and an active table of contents.

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